Northern California Driving School with CHP Driving Instructor

Adult Driving School

Adult Driver Training

  • Friendly Scheduling with Custom Duration
  • Pick Up and Drop Off
  • Special Needs Driver Training
  • Instructor is Retired CHP
  • 30 Years Enforcement Driving Experience
  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured
  • Call Mon-Fri 8:00am-6:00pm
  • Northern California Driving School offers an adult driving school for individualized adult driver training with skill, patience and a sense of humor.

    Just because you are not a teen doesn't mean we can't teach you to drive. Whether you "just never learned", have recently moved to California, or have a special fear related to driving, we can work with you to learn to drive. We can work out an individualized program just for you. Maybe you only need 1 hour, maybe you are more comfortable with 10.
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    Our driving instructor, Bob Krehbiel, is uniquely equipped to assist you.

    Qualifying Experiences

    • 30 years of CHP law enforcement driving
    • taught ongoing refresher courses to other CHP officers
    • taught adult driver training courses since 1975
    • lead officer for an Officer Extraction Team designed to rescue fallen officers in emergency situations
    • special Field Training Officer*
    *As a Field Training Officer training regular new officers, Bob was assigned the few new officers who were in danger of being washed out of the CHP due to an inability to grasp the necessary skills required to pass. Every officer under Bob's command was able to overcome their challenges and move on to become a permanent officer on the force.

    As a result of his experience on the road, combined with a love of people, Bob has a strong desire to help people get not only the basic instruction in safe driving, but also to expose them to as many difficult and challenging situations as possible. Bob is very aware of the pitfalls that await both new and experienced drivers.

    Over the years Bob has worked with, and been able to assist, individuals with a variety of physical and mental challenges. While operating in Shasta County, Bob was under contract with a state agency to take adults out for a specific number of driving lessons. These adults had a wide variety of mental challenges ranging from being "slow learners" to those who had suffered physical trauma to the head.

    Our Philosophy

    All students are treated as the individuals they are. Every person learns at a different speed and each student comes in with different skills and experience levels. Many people also have special needs, both physical and mental, which need accommodation.

    Bob is extremely patient, kind and never loses his temper; the teaching techniques he uses reflect the dignity and respect to which he knows each person is accorded.
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