Northern California Driving School with CHP Driving Instructor
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Bob Krehbiel is our main behind-the-wheel instructor. Bob's experience as a California Highway Patrol training officer, along with his nearly 30 years at CHP, enables him to teach you a strong foundation of defensive driving skills. Bob instructed teen drivers in Shasta County for over 4 years. Whatever your anxiety, Bob can teach you in his low-stress approach. Bob believes that a little humor mixed with a large touch of patience makes learning to drive both fun and achievable.

Our other 3 behind-the-wheel instructors are also retired California Highway Patrol officers.

Here's a fun video that shows parents and teens some of what you have to be able to do to become a CHP officer. Approximately 40% of cadets wash out during the driving portion.
Performance Driving at the CHP Academy

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Northern California Driving School

is the only driver school in Butte County where you can get your learner permit and learn to drive from a retired CHP officer who is an experienced driving instructor.

DMV certified, our teen driver education is the most individualized and affordable you will find.
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Whatever your need for driver training, Northern California Driving School can help you. We schedule for your convenience and meet you with our car at the location of your preference.

We only train one driver at a time, unlike some other schools. You are the center of our school.

For teen drivers, additional driving time to make the 50 hour requirement is available. Call us today to find out how easy it is to complete your driver training.

We are a "new" old business, operating for nearly 4 years in Shasta County, prior to Bob retiring from the California Highway Patrol. Bob brings to our school not only 30 years of enforcement driving, but the experience of having taught refresher courses to other CHP officers. He was also a lead officer for an Officer Extraction Team, as well as having been the primary instructor for teen drivers when our school was in operation in Shasta County.

As a result of his experience on the road, combined with a love of kids, Bob has a strong desire to help them get not only basic instruction in safe driving, but also be given as much information as possible, in order to help them avoid the pitfalls that both new and old drivers alike fall into.

Northern California Driving School is licensed, bonded and insured. For everyone's peace of mind, our vehicles are equipped with constant audio/video surveillance cameras.
Our DMV License # is 4252.

We use a normal-looking car with no embarrassing signs.

We can meet you at a location convenient to you.

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One second of distraction, one simple mistake.
Life is Precious, Please drive carefully.
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Lauren Danielle Schaad
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