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  • Student Information

    Northern California Driving School offers DMV certified 6 hour Behind the Wheel Training required for new drivers aged 15 1/2 to 17 1/2.

    Everyone learns at different speeds and each student comes in with different skill and experience levels. All students are treated as the individuals that they are. Our teen driving school lessons are private, there is only one student and one instructor per car. The 3 lessons of 2 hours each for Behind the Wheel Training are scheduled according to the assessment given each student at registration.

    Should there be an immediate concern, Bob will contact your parent or guardian by phone to make sure that you have the information that you need to help learn the skills needed to become a good, considerate and defensive driver.

    In order to begin Behind the Wheel Driver Training, you need to take the Certificate of Completion from Driver Education into the DMV, along with your certified (County copy) Birth Certificate and Social Security Card. Then you can take the written test.

    After successfully passing the written test as well as the basic eye test, the student will be issued a Learner's Permit. The Learner's Permit only becomes valid after the student has started the Behind-the-Wheel Driver Training.

    Once your appointment is confirmed there will be a $40 charge if the student does not show up, or if the student does not have the original DMV-issued permit with them.

    Parent/Guardian Information

    The Behind the Wheel Driver Training is only the beginning of your teen's driver education. The DMV requires that your teen has another 50 hours of driver training, 10 hours of which need to be night driving. This can be done by you or another licensed driver over the age of 25. We can also assist you, if you are interested, with scheduling additional hours for your teen, at an hourly rate.

    There are several pamphlets available to you at the DMV that specifically address teen driver education. Aside from the California Driver's Handbook, which is necessary for your teen to pass the written test, there is the Parent-Teen Training Guide and the Provisional Licensing Changes. Our local CHP office here in Chico also offers a free class, Start Smart, for you and your teen. You can contact CHP Officer Justin Maxey for more information at 530-879-1999.

    You are the most important instructor that your teen will have as they learn to drive. They spend far more time with you, and studies continue to show how much teens listen to and watch what you, the parent, say and do. Therefore it can not be stressed enough how important it is for you to continue to set a good example of safe, courteous and defensive driving habits.
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